Moving between two homes

I am thinking of getting a Miniature Schnauzer and was wondering how well they would cope with moving between two homes. For example, between a primary home during the week and a second home during the weekend or between one's own flat for part of the week and one's partner's flat for the rest of the week. Do you have any advice?

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May 25, 2020
by: Linda

Schnauzers are sensitive dogs.
The main thing is that they like to be with people most of the time.
If you are going to be with your dog a lot, it should be fine, provided you give your dog time to settle in for at least a couple of weeks in one place at the beginning.
If the dog will be on his or her own when you are out at work, i would advice against it, as it would be one more stressor for a people-loving sensitive dog, which would make him or her unhappy.
Schnauzers love security.
If you are at home, and decide to do it, get your dog used to travelling in a car right away.
Best wishes,

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