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Easier to Train

Despite what you may think, Miniature Schnauzer training can be a pleasure of a toil. Properly done it can be a rewarding experience, a learning curve and a lot of fun - for both you and the dog.

Although Miniature Schnauzers share some of their character traits with other terriers, they are generally considered to be easier to train than many other terrier breeds.

Having said that, obedience training is an absolute must for every dog, particularly a Mini Schnauzer. Most of them are pretty smart and will try and push the boundaries - like jumping up at people, ignoring your call or sitting on your comfy armchair - if you'll let them.

If you DO allow them to get away with these and other bad habits, this poor behavior will soon become ingrained - Minis soon work out what IS and what IS NOT permitted.

Unless you want a cocky little dog ruling your house, start your Miniature Schnauzer training early.

Attention Seekers

Minis love to be at the the center of life - they are definitely attention seekers. They are also enthusiastic and eager to please, which are 2 main reasons why they generally respond well to training.

They thrive on this attention, so praise for a job well done has a powerful effect on Mini Schnauzers during training. Like most dogs, they don’t respond well to negative re-inforcement. This only increases stress and anxiety.

Incidentally, if your Mini is behaving badly, once you have given him the NO! command and he has stopped, don't give him any more of your time - even bad attention is some attention for your dog.

Training a salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer

It's worth bearing in mind that Miniature Schnauzers have a mind of their own and often a short attention span. This is certainly the case with Max, I really have to make him focus when training or he wanders off to sniff something more interesting.

The key to successful Miniature Schnauzer training is variety rather than repetition. Try and keep training interesting and fun for your dog. Too much repetition will cause him to get bored and lose concentration.

Daily Routine

As with a puppy of any breed, Miniature Schnauzer training is important. A well-behaved dog that you can take anywhere without worrying is a marvelous companion.

Try and do a little bit of training every day. On our daily walks I still reinforce some of the commands 4-year-old Max learned as a puppy. Occasionally (but not always) I reward him with a treat for sitting or staying - unfortunately his repertoire is somewhat limited...!

A good starting point is our latest section -
Top Ten Tips for Training a Schnauzer. You'll find some really useful information here.

Without discipline and guidelines, the Mini’s energy and playfulness can occasionally turn to stubbornness. If you want to avoid having a "Little Emperor" or "Little Princess" on your hands, we strongly recommend you sign up for local dog training classes.

Not only will your Mini learn obedience, but he or she will also learn to socialize with other dogs and humans. Socialization is an important part of dog training. You might also think about getting a dog training DVD - the beauty of this is that it brings training techniques right into your home.

If you start your Miniature Schnauzer training early enough, and then take a few minutes in your normal daily routine to reinforce what your dog has learned, you'll end up with a beautiful little dog that is not only well behaved but also the envy of your friends......

It’s usually pretty easy to train a Mini Schnauzer – it’s the owners that take a little longer!

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