Miniature Schnauzer shaking - why?

by Christine

In the past couple of months my male 8 year old schnauzer started to shake about every week.
No vomiting or diarrhea - just a uncontrollable shaking lasting for 10 minutes.
Should I obtain a test for kidney disease? Or?

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Nov 06, 2013
Same problem here
by: Kathy

I know this thread is over a year old, but I'm contributing anyway.... I took my 9 year old to the vet yesterday, and his blood work came back with low potassium and electrolyte levels. His hind legs tremor almost every time he gets up. After the vet researched it last night (we have a terrific vet), we will be testing him for Addison's Disease. He has also put a call in to a canine neurologist to discuss "Shaking Schnauzer Syndrome", which I can't find any information online for. Seems to be triggered through the central nervous system. Both are treated with lifelong medication. I hope this post will help people with the same symptoms in their schnauzers!

Oct 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

I took My Mini to the vet today because of shaking and he is not acting like he normally does
they told me it is a sign that our dog is in pain!
Here he has kidney problems. but the shaking is a sign of pain!!

Mar 22, 2012
Schnauzer shaking
by: Michele

I would get in touch with your vet.. he may be having a fit or maybe something is frightening him... Is he eating and doing his tinkles and the other OK.. But go to your vet and have him checked, as he could have started with joint problems... Hope he is OK..

Mar 22, 2012
by: Alan

Go to the vet today!

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