miniature schnauzer hair loss

I have a 9 year old black mini Schnauzer he has always had a beautiful coat till now. His hair began to go from soft to harsh and it has started to go grey.
Then I noticed his coat was getting very thin and in some places no hair at all. He does not scratch and the vet has done tests all coming back clear. Has anyone had this with their Schnauzer?
I have another 8 year old and she is fine.

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Dec 21, 2014
Mini schnauzer hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have a
Male mini schnauzer he will be two on Feb 14, 2015 he had a patch of hair shed then when it came back in it was different from the rest any ideas.

It is not unusual for hair to grow back a different colour

Aug 31, 2012
Had all the tests?
by: Anonymous 2

I don't want to be an alarmest but, with the testing the vet did was there testing for Cushings Disease? I just recently had to have my little ol' fella (he's 12) tested for Cushings because of other symptoms he was displaying, but I noticed in my research that hair loss is common with Cushings.
It is a controllable disease that older schnauzers seem to come down with frequently.

Aug 16, 2012
hair loss
by: Anonymous

i dont know if i answered this before

alopecia when a dog does not get enought

sunshine and just like a human they

get depressed and lose their hair usually

on rear quarters. be sure that you

dog has plenty of sunlight and they

say a 100 watt lightbulb above there pen

may help. My dog was given a shot of

melatolin (which is given to ferrets)

and a month later she had all her hair back.

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