Miniature Schnauzer 13.5 years old, shaking constantly

by Angela
(Guatemala City, Guatemala)

I have a female miniature schanuzer, Luna, who`s been with us for 13.5 years. She has changed a lot in the last years, specially the last 6 months.
She became a lot more sedentary (she used to be super active all the time), sleeps a lot, she snores when she is asleep (never did it before),she shakes constantly, her hip and back paws are stiff.
I imagine some of these symptoms come with age...? Is there something you know about the shaking and what to do to make her more comfortable? I give her a tablet for her arthritis every day to help with the hip and the stiffness.
Also, a blood test showed the lieber enzymes are higher than normal, so we changed her food (she hates this new food).

Any advice on how to help her with these symptoms, the shaking, the arthritis? Any advice on what to do to balance her lieber enzymes?

I adore my Luna, she is a very special dog, and I would like to do everything I can to keep her as comfortable as I can.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
THANK YOU! looking forward hearing from you.

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Dec 15, 2011
Your Elderly Girl
by: Mixhele

I agree with the other comment posted .. take her to the Small Vet Clinic and see if there is anything that they can do... ..but at the age of 13/5 she is a good age, so be prepared to say Goodbye if there is nothing they can do and she is suffering.. I know it's hard as I have always done what has been right for my boys sake.. I didn't want them to suffer, even though I having to say my goodbyes..Luckily my Schnauzers have made it a little easier for me and passed away peacefully in my arms..
I hope that your baby will be OK and that the Vet can cure her, or make her feel more comfortable.. my Ringo at the age of 15 shook too .... but even with treatment he didn't improve. .. he is at peace now over Rainbow Bridge.. with all my others ..

Dec 15, 2011
elderly schnauzer
by: Cindi

I would contact the Small vet Clinic at the University of Florida and ask the vets there. They work miracles!

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