Mini Schnauzer -watery poo

by kay smedley

when taking my mini schnauzer for a walk his firt poo is fine, his second soft and from then on it comes out like water .....what is wrong with him.
this only happens when we are out walking.

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Apr 25, 2013
Take a sample of his poo to vets
by: Michele

Sorry to be a bit crude but when you take him to
Your vet if his poo is still a problem take
a sample and let him analyse it then you'll
have peace of mind. As I said it's probably
nothing. Sometimes if his food is too fatty
this can cause pale watery poo as it has happened
to me too. Let's know what your vet says

Apr 24, 2013
by: Kay

He has been on the same food since we had him at 10 weeks .... This has only started since he gas become a teenager lol (the past 5 weeks) hie is now 7 months old. I am at the vets in another 2 weeks so will ask him. thanks for your comment .

Apr 24, 2013
Ask your vet
by: Michele

Probably nothing is wrong as his first is normal
I'd ask your vet. What do you feed him on
as sometimes the food he is eating can
alter the consistency of poo. I feed my boys
Nature-Diet and never has any problems when
they go..

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