Mini Schnauzer trembling

by Lee
(Suffolk, England)


Miniture Schnauzer is 6 years old. He has only recently started at night but every night, hiding under tables or in a cupboard if open. He is incredibly obedient but will not come when asked and does not come for a food treat, so this endorses something is not right with him. He appears to tremble a little but not a lot and cannot settle. He keeps going from one open space to a hiding place. It's happened 4 or 5 times in about 3 weeks and is totally out of character.
He's had recent vet check over, all his worming and flea control tablets were taken after his first episode. Nothing has changed with health control and diet.

It's all a bit worrying really as he's a happy, obedient little chap who eats well, and regularly with two good walks a day.

Like I say nothing has changed with his care and home environment but something is wrong with him

Any thoughts or similar experiences

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Nov 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

Ok i have a 14 year old schnouzer. She recently got into something we had to cut her really close. And she trembles like she is scared, could it be shes cold, but it isnt cold inside were she lives. What do you think it could be?

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Tremors are not all that unusual in Minis. They are also sensitive to cold, so even though the house is warm, she might be cold.

Dec 26, 2014
As Above
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your reply.

In Milo's case he has normally been asleep or chilled in his bed or on the floor. Nothing much going on. On all occasions there has been no more than 4 in the room. The normal family members that is and possibly done it when less in the room. He's never gone outside and hidden just in an open wardrobe or under a table. First time he did it he was up onto the sofa then straight down onto the floor where he hid, then a few seconds later he would do it all again.
Most odd but glad to hear what you mentioned and hopefully not a sign of pain and discomfort or something worse.

If it becomes a regular thing, have him checked out by the vet just to be on the safe side.

Dec 24, 2014
Trembling Schnauzer
by: Michele ( Benji, Rebel & Rambo

Linda I'm sure is right… My Rebel who is six years old, I should say ( young ).. is happy to take a treat when I'm at home or when I want him to come inside. He also sometimes is unresponsive when he is outside and in the garden.. When I get my coat on to go out and have to leave Rambo, Rebel & Benji at home.. Rambo and Benji will take a treat happily, but Rebel won't.. as if he is telling me " You are leaving me, when will you be back ".. they don't howl or bark, as my neighbours inform me because they text me to say " All's Quiet ".. I suggest you reassure you baby that all is well and maybe a rich tea biscuit will be tempting.. my boys love them, but only one each sometimes.. Perhaps it's something your schnauzer hears that you cannot..

Dec 24, 2014
by: Linda and Max

MAX developed this last year - suddenly goes totally unresponsive, trembles and hides in a bush in the garden or hidden away so we can't find him .
The vet thinks it is behavioural as with Max we have put it down to him doing it either when he feels he is being ignored or when there is a lot going on and he is not a part of it.
Either way, it is related to attention seeking. We try to ignore it, or keep him warm and quiet until it passes and talk softly to him, without pandering to it.
If physical symptoms persist, consult your vet.

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