Mini Schnauzer loving but snapping

by Pam

My (rather big)1 year old mini schnauzer is lovely - clever and very affectionate BUT - if he is doing something naughty - like stealing a magazine and tearing it to shreds and I go to take it off him - he growls and snaps at me. He also charges up to people when we are out for walks and barks at them. If they just talk to him..he then greets them...but this can frighten some people.

He is well socialised and we go to dog classes. When he growls or snaps at me I send him to his bed for a time ....

Any idea why he does this? Is it a schnauzer trait?

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Feb 16, 2012
by: Ginny

Hi there, it sounds like your adolescent schnauzer is testing the water to see how far he can get away with things.
If he has behaving well befoe, it sounds like he is deliberately trying to push the boundaries in terms of behavious and discipline.
Have a word with your Schnuazer's trainer and ask him or her for any suggestions. Sounds like he needs a firm hand - starve him of attention when he does domething naughty - bwefore it gets out of hand. Good luck.
PS Schnuazers are not normally aggressive, so you should be abole to get rid of these new traits

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