Mini Schnauzer, Lethargy,dizzy,trying to scratch rear.

by Harry
(Pasadena, MD)

Sophie is 1 year old, fixed at 6 months. Been to the emergency vet twice for same condition. She gets what I call a migraine to me. She is dizzy, unsteady on feet. wobbles when walking and when sleeping will pee herself. E vet tested blood and said all looks normal? This happened last night third time in a year. Vet asked both times if she could have got marijuana? NO. She goes in back yard and her and brother Sammy eat bugs, grass, acorns etc.. Are certain bugs toxic? When this is occurring she whips around as if something is pinching her rear end and almost falls? She has had issues with anal glands and has to be cleaned monthly. Just had a cleaning last week? The next day she is back to normal as if nothing happened?

Thanks for any help, Sophies DAD.

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Nov 14, 2018
Sick again..
by: Sophie Dad

Sophie is sick again, same as last time..wobbles can't walk straight? Useless to take her to vet as they don't know what to test for?

NOTE FROM LINDA: So sorry to hear that, is it neurological? Has she eaten anything or had chemical wormers/flea treatment?
Take her off kibble if she's on it, put her on a raw or cooked diet, good luck.

Oct 29, 2018
very odd
by: Linda

Poor Sophie.
I am sure your vet has asked because it sounds like she could be eating something poisonous. I wouldn't let her eat acorns, wither. not sure about bugs. If is is something that she is reacting to, it is probably a plant -but your other dog seems OK.
The whipping round as if stung by a bee could well be an allergic reaction to something - pour Max used to do this and it was cured with a steroid injection when it got bad and local cortisone cream.
The dizziness sounds neurological.
I am presuming she has not had this since birth, so, without being a vet or knowing anything else, my guess would be allergic reaction to something or poisoning. Can you make a pen for he in the yard and confine her to that area with just grass?
Good luck and if you find out what it is, please let us know.

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