Mini Schnauzer and neutered tomcat - good or bad match?

by Sarah
(Herts, UK)


Anyone had any experience of mini shnauzers and cats in thesame home?

I am thinking very seriously about getting a minature schnauzer. I have a very soppy 6-yr-old neutered male cat whom I rescued as a stray, he has a very affectionate nature and is very 'laid back'. I would like to get a minature shnauzer, rescue if I can, although I am naturally concerned about how this will affect my resident puss.
Having read that Shnauzers like to chase smaller animals (although my cat is quite large -5kg), I am wondering if this would be a good 'match'. I want to get a dog/bitch that will get on well with my cat and maybe become a companion for him. Is this at all likely to happen with a mini shnauzer dog/bitch or am I barking up the totally wrong tree?

I would be very grateful of any comments,

Many thanks,


Hi Sarah, our advice would be either to get a puppy so it can get used to the cat or, if you get an adult Schnauzer, you will probably have to go with one which is already used to cats.
Some Schnauzers are absolutely fine with them and others love to chase them.
Has anyone got experience of Schnauzers and cats to share?

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Nov 04, 2016
Cat vs schnauzer
by: Anonymous

When we brought our new mini home, female, and introduced her to our 17 yr old neutered male we didn't expect what happened. He immediately wanted to show her that it was His house, arched back, hissing, swatting. She thought he was playing and swatted back, running around him, back end up and front down, wanting to play. He would plant himself right in her path, or next to her toys. As she got bigger, he decided that he was tired of her and decided to go downstairs. Since she is not allowed downstairs they have called a truce.

Dec 31, 2012
Thank you
by: Sarah

Thank you for all your feedback.

I think all the advice says pretty much the same sort of thing. Either a puppy or a rescue schnauzer that has been used to cats previously, and to make it a slow introduction.

Thanks for all your feedback, its lovely to her all your experiences, I appreciate it. Will let you know how I get on,


Dec 31, 2012
Patience & supervision....
by: SarahG

Hello there,
I've recently become the proud mum of a 10-week old schnauzer pup - a surprise Xmas present from hubby!
Finnegan has been with us for nearly 2 weeks now & we have had mixed reactions from my three resident felines. We have a 10-year-old granny cat, a 5 year old feisty female & a 3 year old very dominant male.
We've pretty much introduced Finnegan in the same way as we would a new cat - very slowly, letting them get each others scent in the rooms, letting them see each other from a distance & basically trying to help all parties adjust naturally to sharing their home and our tlc a little bit more than usual!
The females are curious but aloof so i am hopeful they will accept our new recruit ok, however our big male Maine Coon is less receptive & much more hostile with lots of hissing & spitting. It will be many months before any of them are left unsupervised with pup but with a lot of patience and hugs we will get there!
Hope it works out for you, good luck!

Nov 01, 2012
Just one experience- Cat + dog
by: Anonymous

I had an indoor/outdoor neutered male cat of mellow temperament in the house with my intact male schnauzer. The dog wanted to be friends, the cat was disinterested. The cat would smack the dog occasionally, but just to keep him in his place- no hissing. No fighting, but not exactly buddies, either. This was the CAT's choice.
Dog always liked neighborhood cats, few of whom wanted to make friends, but all the rebuffs never deterred him. He never treated a cat as prey. Probably a typical schnauzer- friendly with most dogs, bold in an argument. But always a gentleman with cats!
Just my experience

Oct 28, 2012
Cats versus Schnauzers !
by: Michele

Linda and Max's advice is 100% .. with my boys
I'd never have a cat, nor would I have introduced
them to one. It is like a red rag to a bull as
when they see one, here they would give
chase if I let them off lead. But if you are careful
and sensible in time they may be best pals. Introduce them to each other gradually and never leave them alone together.
A puppy is more sensible
unless the rescue Schnauzer is already used to cats

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