Max and his new sister Millie

by Phil Medway

One year old Max our white Schnauzer always likes to lie beside Catherine or I on the sofa with his head on a leg - has never been a lap dog. Now Millie the new Schnauzer black pup loves to lie on laps preferably upside down so her tummy can be tickled. Max watched this for a couple of days and decided enough was enough. Result is when I sit on the relining sofa he has decided my chest is the best place to curl up on and also to repel boarders from.

They are so funny, aren't they? We can almost hear the cogs turning in Max's brain!

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Apr 13, 2013
Photos please of Max & his new friend
by: Michele

We'd love to see some photos of Max with his new friend your black Schnauzer... I know the feeling as Rebel, my black and silver boy will always lie with his head on my feet.. Benji my pepper and salt boy, who will be One on 18th April, and loves his toys especially his squeaky ones.. he lies with his head across my knees when I'm on my sofa watching TV.. They are such time-wasters.. but prefer to be in pairs..

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