Margaret Howell

by Margaret
(Chapel Hill, TN)

We got our Schnoodle when she was 8 weeks old. We've given her nothing but love. But she is not social, especially with other dogs. She's really not around other dogs very often. But she wants to fight with another dog the first time she sees them. I thought Schnoodles were supposed to be friendly. Why I she acting like this?

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Nov 05, 2020
good luck!
by: Linda

Good luck, Margaret. Schnoodles are generally not aggressive by nature.
Getting her to interact in a positive manner with other dogs will reduce and hopefully eliminate her fear and aggression.
If you put in the time and make her experiences positive, I am sure Pebbles' behaviour will improve.
PS also try to avoid giving her TOO MUCH attention (...hard, I know!)

Oct 27, 2020
Pebbles-unsocial schnoodle
by: Margaret Howell

Linda, thank you so much for your advice. My schnoodle, Pebbles, is 5 yrs, I will try to get her in a dog training class.

Oct 26, 2020

by: Linda

Hi Margaret,
It is lack of socialisation with other dogs.
you don't say how old she is, but whatever age she is, hopefully she is not too old to learn to socialise with other dogs.
She is acting like this because she is not confident around other dogs.
Book her into a dog training class straight away, where she has to learn to get on with other dogs.
If this is not possible due to Covid, I'd suggest trying to introduce her to one other friend's dog - off the lead. When dogs are on the lead and they lack confidence with other dogs, their Fight or flight instinct kicks in and when they can't run, they become aggressive because they are scared.
Or, if you can afford it, have some one-on-one sessions with a dog trainer and other dogs.
Good luck,

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