Malibu the white schnauzer is hassling

by Reesa

I have recently adopted a white schnauzer. Malibu is adjusting fabulously to her two Yorkie brothers and Maltese/Pomeranian sister. (All were rescue or result of irresponsible breeding and give-aways.)
Malibu hassles A LOT unless she is asleep. She is approximately 3 years old and active, but predominately stays indoors. Is this normal?
I haven't found any related commentary about excessive hassling and would appreciate any information about this possible habit.

Hi Reesa,
Can you explain a little more exactly what you mean about "hassling"? Is she nipping you or the other dogs or barking, whining?

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Jul 06, 2012
Your Schnauzer Rescue
by: Michele

Linda and Max are right, as they always are.. Hassling has a lot of interpretations..... as for staying indoors, this is not normal as Schnauzers usually love to be out and meeting people and other dogs.. they are a very sociable breed.. in Malibu's past she may have had a nasty experience outdoors and feels safer inside... try to tempt her out by feeding her outdoors and letting her be out side in your garden with your other two whilst you are outside with her, too.. she will learn that there is nothing to be frightened about and being out is fun..When you take her a walk, use a Harness as if she does object and has just her collar on she may get out of it, as with a harness she cannot get free... BE PATIENT, and don't get cross...
Remember being a white Schnauzer you must protect her skin from the strong sunlight.... Let's know how you get Malibu sounds adorable and has a lovely new home..

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