Male Schnauzer - delicate question

by shannon
(glen lyon, pa)

my schnauzer who is 6-male born with one testicle inside him- and one normal my vet keeps telling me he has a high chance of getting cancer if i dont get him fixed of course i am afraid of putting him under should i get him fixed?
thank you,

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Neutering is normally a very safe operation, although it may be slightly different if he has one testicle not descended. I'm afraid we are not medically qualified to say, but if it were me, I would either ask for a second opinion, or go with what your vet says.

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Jun 05, 2014
Get your baby castrated..
by: Michele

I wonder why you are hesitating as whether or not you should get your Schnauzer castrated.. My Australian Silky Terrier, Rambo had the same problem, but his testicles at two years old, he's now 11... one was small and the other was lodged between his groin and his tummy, my Vet couldn't find it, but when he eventually did both of Rambo's testicles were removed with excellent results. The Operation took two hours
(normally it takes less than half an hour).. It hasn't changed Rambo at all as he is still as loveable as ever...Today's anaesthetics are very safe and providing your Schnauzer is healthy and is weighed before your Vet gives him his pre-med, I'm sure he'll be fine. Do get him neutered as your Vet is right. One testicle lodged inside him could cause him to get cancer later, so if you want him to remain a healthy boy take your vet's good advice.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Thanks for the good advice and experience, Michele

Jun 05, 2014
Cyril op was fine
by: Izzy

when we had our schnauzer- cyril's op at 18 weeks he had the same , one undescended testicle so he had a bigger and longer op than probably other dogs would have without the same problem but he recovered well and never looked back (turns 5 this year). It ia always a worry for any of our dogs having any procedure but for their health long term worth it.
Children have ops for undescended testicles for similar and different reasons.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Thanks for your input, useful as always, Izzy.

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