Mad Max

by Donna
(Gulfport Ms)

Took my 4 month old mini schnauzer, Max to be groomed for the first time yesterday. Picked him up and he slept for the rest of the evening and night( which is not the norm for him). I think they gave him something. Is that common? If so I will not take him back there.

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Mar 23, 2018
Always crashes out after a visit to the groomers
by: Sharon & Frankie

Frankie is 2 years old now and has always "crashed out" after a visit to the groomers. I have never been concerned or thought she has ever been given a sedative - you would be able to tell when you pick your dog up - Frankie has always acted normal and always greeted me with her huge hugs and kisses , if she hadn’t then I would be concerned. I believe like the previous comment, it is related to her not being able to relax combined with a little anxiousness as she does not enjoy the groomers (although the groomers always say she is perfect and no trouble) , also there is a lot of noise at groomers, other dogs and new people to check out constantly, which for any breed is tiring.

Jun 11, 2016
by: Izzy

Don't worry our two sleep very well after their visit to the groomers- because they out for 1-2 hours they don't get a chance to relax so as soon as they back in the car/at home they relax and sleep very well.

Jun 10, 2016
by: Linda and Max

I doubt the groomer gave him a sedative, I think the would be illegal.
I think he is undoubtedly stresses after his first visit, this is not uncommon, and is sleeping it off.
Groom him as well at home to get him used to being and led and reduce the stress.

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