Lump in my miniature schnauzer's beard

by vikki

I am like all of you I'm sure, a bit hyper-vigilant about my baby's health...Liv is a 5 year old miniature schnauzer.
Last year she had a lump under her beard that was oozing, only found it because she was licking her lips like crazy, today I noticed she was scratching the other side of her face, checked and found a small lump of something in the hair of her beard, it had a tiny drop of blood on one side of it, it was not up against her muzzle, could she have scratched off a tick?
She was groomed earlier in the week?
Your thoughts's Sunday and can't go to Vet until Tuesday

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Sep 17, 2012
by: vikki

Thank you both! She seems none the worse for wear....
It could have been a wasp, that is what we decided it was last year, this was just a bit different, she is eating, playing etc, she stopped scratching after I cut the lump out.
I've been checking and nothing else so far. I am very glad this site is here!
Thanks again!

Sep 16, 2012
by: Betsy, Alpharetta, GA

I swear by Vetericyn. Petco,etc carry it.

It heals so many things and is safe to give for dogs. It sounds like a bite because the dog is itching. If; after a day or 2,if that doesn't work, then best to check with your vet

Sep 16, 2012
Lump in your schnauzer's beard
by: Michele

It is possible that it could have been a tick, or a bite from a wasp.. I agree you MUST have her checked out by your vet on Tuesday.. Is she lethargic and off her food, does it bother her.. if not as until you've been to your vet, I wouldn't worry too much.. it may be nothing and just need a course of tablets.. I too would be worried but you'll only stress yourself out.. hope she's OK..

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