Lucy Valentine check in 1 Year and 11 Months

by Rithmania

Lucy sitting at the dinner table

Lucy sitting at the dinner table

Our little diva Lucy Valentine is about to turn 2 in December. She's still an amazing companion and is so well behaved. We've taught her how to walk on her hind legs, respond to "do you love me?", shake, sit, bring back her monkey toy, roll over, fetch the paper from the bottom of the drive way and finally... play dead.

She loves the car rides just like Buddy and doesn't seem scared of anything. I've grown fond of this little pup and she comes in the office once in a while.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: She is striking with her unusual coloring

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Oct 27, 2012
Barking schnauzer
by: Anonymous

Thankyou for your comment,we have noticed that paddy our schnauzer does not bark in a crowd of people, yes paddy has been well socialized he always went to puppy school, we always walk him around the busy towns, and we have a business at home, that must be why he is always barking because people are always turning up, and making a fuss of him! so the answers have helped us. Not a very good photo of Paddy, will post some more soon.

Your Lucy is Beautiful, I seen the photo the other day and I loved it.

Anyway we are excited, because on the 10th November 2012 we are getting another puppy, a Standard Schnauzer, so we will have double the barking!! Love them so so much though, best thing we ever done. Thankyou


Oct 24, 2012
What a little beauty
by: Buddy

Lucy is beautiful, I have never seen a schnauzer that colour before, she looks very striking

Oct 15, 2012
A very clever girl
by: Michele

She's gorgeous, and my BENJI has a lot to learn. But he's just 6 months so he has time to learn... I'd better get a move on though !! He too loves the car and will bring his teddy inside when I tell him to. Rebel who is 4 speaks on my command ...

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