Lucky us to have Angel

by Ella Rue
(Mt. pleasant, S.C.)

We set out one day in 2002 to look at Pekapoos. We wanted a female and the lady said she only had males, so off we went.
I asked my husband to just look at the schnauzers that were advertised in the want ads. After seeing the other puppies and not really bonding with them, we bonded in an instant with Angel without really intending to.
She was the runt of the litter. What a precious little animal she was. As soon as we returned home with her the other lady called and said she made a mistake and indeed did have a female pekapoo. Thankfully we had already bought our precious puppy.
By then and even now we are besotted with love for this little animal. Angel barks appropiately most of the time, but not as much as the history we have heard of some of this breed of dog.
I cannot believe some of the tricks that she will do. I am sure we think she is just the most wonderful thing. Some of her bad habits are to greet people at the door just by going crazy, jumping and running. We can tell her to go to her crate and as excited as she is she will run into her room and get in her crate and not make a sound. She does like to see the people leave so we let her out after they get outside.
It is so great that my husband loves her as much as I. It would be so miserable if one of us didn't love her as much as the other.
My 80th birthday is today so we are off to an oyster roast!

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Nov 29, 2009
lovely story and happy birthday
by: Gina

Lovely story.
Happy 80th Birthday, Ella!

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