Looking for a black and Silver Schnauzer in Kent, England

by Steven
(Maidstone, England )

I had two minature schnauzers one pepper and salt and one black and silver, both males. I had them both from pups, one is now 9 years old pepper and salt and the other would have been 8 years.

They both have had the perfect life loved, cared for, two walks a day everyday etc.

We emigrated from England to New Zealan and shipped them over in January 2011, we returned back in June but had to leave both dogs with adoptive carers rather than them go into kennels for quaratine,
We had been back in the uk 2 weeks when I got a call from the carers with bad news that Ty the black and silver had a massive tumour come up and when they operated it was on his spine, so i had to have him put to sleep whilst I was 12,000 miles away.
The carers where devastated, as was I, as it was only in July 2011. I miss them both terribly. My 9 year old will be shipped back in January next year.
I would love to have another black and silver again, which I will call TY again and he will be as spoiled as my previous dog, so if you know of a black and silver please contact me on s.shyde@btinternet.com

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