Liddy is losing her beard - why?

by Vickie

My 8-yr old Schnauzer is losing her beard. I believe it is because she keeps scratching around her mouth.

We love her perky expression!
She still looks beautiful with a small beard. Max says small beards are the best - needless to say he has one, similar size to Liddy's.
Hpoe it's not a medical problem, maybe one of our readers has expereinced something similar?

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Nov 01, 2013
Maybe it's her teeth..
by: Michele

I don't really know, she is beautiful and I love her expression.. It could be that her teeth are bothering her, being 8 years old.. have them checked out at your vet and maybe they need scaling, which is usually done under anaesthetic.. Don't worry, my boys have had theirs scaled and my vet always weighs them first and only gives them a minimum dosage together with a pain injection.. he also pre-meds them first.. Schnauzers tend to get tatar, but I always scale and clean my boys teeth with .. funnily enough.. a toothpaste that comes and is made in the USA.. Prophy-paste .. Orange flavour, which comes in a tub..
Let's know if this is the answer.. Also if you fed her on wet or semi-wet food with mixer or complete, tatar tends to build up..

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