Jealousy - any suggestions?

by Gail Preger
(Henderson, NV USA)

We have two miniature schnauzers, brother and sister. They have many toys. Why do they want the exact toy the other is playing or chewing on?
The one that wants the toy is very vocal and persistent. It becomes an annoyance after 20 minutes or so.

Bewildered - any suggestions?

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Jul 23, 2014
1 solution for jealous schnauzer's behavior
by: Anonymous

My mother has a brother and sister and their breed is bench legged terrier . Their names are Riley (brother) and Ressi (sister)
There were very shy when I started training them and between the time I took with them was both daunting to say the least.The more outgoing they became the more jealous especially their individual food.
If they misbehave from what i instructed them to obey , I hold back their treat for 24 hours. For their treat them with a stroking their favorite spot which distracts their jealous behavior.
The second time they were fighting over their food not in the same area. They started fighting over their food and the right of fighting I sprayed water they stopped immediately.
Thank our leting me share with you.

Aug 21, 2013
same with us
by: Izzy

our two dogs fight over the same toy- very vocal
not sure what to suggest as not managed this ourselves

Aug 21, 2013
Knotted Rope
by: Phil Medway

If you have two Schnauzers they will always want the same toy it is their nature. In the same way put down two identical dishes of food and they will keep swapping in case the other dish is better.

Regarding the toys we found small ones don't work the best thing we ever purchased was a length of rope about 8 inches (20 cm) long knotted about an inch from each end. Now they either play tug of war with each other or us, or after we throw it run back up the garden each holding one end.

Aug 20, 2013
by: Michele

I also have two mini-schnauzers, but not related & both boys.. when Benji, my 16 month, has a toy and I play with him , my 5 year old, Rebel barks and barks, but then I give him another toy ( they also have 2 boxes full ) and he stops.. It may be attention seeking...
I suggest you either give them both a toy at the same time, but whether that will work who knows. .or when the one that gets jealous snatches , try giving him a treat at the same time, taking him out of the jealousy toward his sister..
Good Luck and love to know if my suggestions work..

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