by Deborah F
(Burleson, Texas, USA)

Jeanette my miniature Schnauzer seems to be panting a lot lately. I was given her from my daughter in law who raised her from birth. I don't recall seeing her pant as much as she does lately. It is stressful lately. I've been sick and in bed with my back which is new for her. I still take her out for her potty walks three to four times a day as I live in an apartment. She doesn't want to leave my side. She loves my two grandsons who live with me but doesn't really have much interest in being around them as much as she use to. She just wants to lay by me. She cuddles close to me and sometimes sleeps at the end of the bed as if to say this is my break. I don't notice any other symptoms. She drinks fine and seems to eat fine. She will just start panting for a few minutes and then stop. She does need her hair cut. I didn't cut it in the winter due to the cold weather. That's all I know. She is just panting. The weather is starting to warm up now. I wasn't with her last year during the heat. I got her in November. So I don't know if it's the weather or not. She is loveable. Demanding on attention when she wants it but I have plenty of love to give her and I give her a lot of attention due to having to go to bed so much with chronic pain from a real bad back injury. Again, I was doing real well but having a flare up with my injury now and it has put me to bed most of the time for the last month. Hoping to be back up soon. This happens from time to time with my health. Again, would this be stressing her out? I still give her as much attention if not more. I'm just stuck in bed more.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: If she is eating and drinking fine and normal otherwise, it sounds like she is overdue a trip to the groomers for a clip. Schnauzers don't shed and can get hot if they are not trimmed regularly.

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