Is this normal for 9-week-old schnauzer?

by Jill Guilfoyle
(Widnes, England, UK)

Good afternoon,
I am the proud owner of a minature schnauzer and he is 9 weeks old. I bought him a week ago from a reputable breeder and he appears very fit and well.
However, I am somewhat concerned that he eats very little (about half the recommended amount ) and hardly drinks at all.
As I use dry food I have added water (as this was what the breeder advised )and I assume the soaked food may be suffice to fullfil his daily requirements with regard water as well ?

Any advice greatly appreciated !!

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Oct 04, 2011
My 13 week old Mini Schnauzer
by: Lil

Hi, Mine is 13 weeks now - and when I got her at 10 weeks she hardly ate and drank at all! just picked and only drank from puddle in the garden! Now I am happy to say she eats a good 4 meals a day and drinks lots, puddles and bowls of water! I do hope this will put your mind at rest. Puppies have tiny tummys and cannot eat and drink much at all, be patient.

Jul 04, 2011
Normal eating..
by: Michele

What did your breeder feed him on ? and are you using Puppy Dry food.. maybe he does not like the taste.. how many times a day do you feed him ? I always fed my Schnauzers.. 3 times a day .. a little and often usually works.. My Rebel loved it that way.. but you have probably seen his photo on here.. he's 3 now..
Don't forget he has been taken away from his brothers and sisters, so the change is strange .. give him plenty of TLC and as soon as he is protected and vaccinated .. and when he can go walkies you'll find he will eat properly... play and excercise now, usually works..

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