by Mary Hydar-Tucker
(Fenton, Mo )

Our Grand-daughter starting asking us for a puppy at about age 4. She asked constantly and finally when she was about 8 yrs old.
My husband said, " O.K. If Grandma can find a dog that doesn't shed and stays little, I'll get you one."
Since my husband and I were not animal people, neither of us thought there was such a thing, as a dog that didn't shed, so my husband thought he had a sure fire way of getting out of getting her a dog.
We had just purchased our first computer and neither of us had any idea how to work it, but I decided to try and find out if there were such a dog as a non-shedding one. It took a little while. to figure out how to work the computer and I was shocked at how many dogs are shed free. After looking up all of the descriptions of different dogs, I decided on a mini-schnauzer.
That week-end the newspaper had 2 breeders with them for sale. I called one of them and she was so informative and helpful plus only 100 miles away, so we decided to go and see the puppies.
However they were only 3 days old and sure didn't look like much - actually they were kind of ugly. No hair yet and eyes all swollen and closed. But we put a deposit down and anxiously waited for 8 weeks to pass. I had told my grand-daughter several times that I would not complete the sale if the puppy wasn't cute.
I had never seen a Schnauzer, not even a picture of one, so I had no idea what they looked like. The day of pick-up finally arrived and we anxiously went to go get her.
The breeder had already given the puppy her 1st grooming, so she already had the traditional schnauzer cut, beard and all. As the breeder handed my grand-daughter the puppy, she smiled from ear to ear and said , " Is she cute enough Grandma ? "
Then this little gray and white schnauzer, with a beard so perfect it would make a grown man envious, actually turned to look at me as if to say,
" Well, am I ?? " Her big, solid black eyes just stared at me and I fell in Love immediately. We named her Princess Koty Grace.
That little dog quickly moved into our hearts. Koty is now 9 years old and the apple of our eye, goes every where with us and means everything to us.
She has enriched our lives completely. She protects us, Loves us and makes us laugh constantly.
I have thanked God many, many times for this little angel, that is definitly
" Cute enough "

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Dec 15, 2011
Beautiful story
by: Anonymous

Hi Mary,
I know it is a long time since you posted the story, but it is so beautiful!
Miniature Schnauzers are the best, aren't they.

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