Is She a Mini or Standard Schnauzer?

by Steve H
(Muncie, IN, USA)

Our 4 year old Schnauzer, Maggie, is in between heights for both breeds, Miniature and Standard. She is roughly 15" or so at the shoulders. That is taller than a Mini and shorter than a Standard.
She is white and weighs around 32lbs or a little more. I would love to know if she is a Miniature or a Standard. Would a DNA test help determine her breed once and for all? We rescued her from a bad situation and the previous owner might have been cruel to Maggie, she has a big bark but really is quite timid.
I have personally met three AKC registered Miniature Schnauzers, two males and one female (one of the males is a retired show dog), Maggie is much larger than all three. My wife says we shouldn't care about her breed because we love her no matter what breed she is, which is true. But, I would love to know conclusively, if possible, whether she is a Miniature or a Standard.

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Apr 04, 2012
Sounds big for a female mini
by: Linda and Max

Hi there,
Max is 17 inches tall at the shoulders. about 3 or 4 inches taller than he should be, but he has pedigree (purebred) papers.
The breed standards are the ideal for showing and breeding, but obviously there are variations.
Max weights about 12 kilos -or 26 lbs. If your mini weighs 36 lbs and is female, then I don't think she is a mini unless she is morbidly obese!
Take a look at the breed standards at the links below and look at the idealised images - you will see that a Standard Schnauzer has a different body shape to a Miniature, they are much stockier and more powerful.
Post a photo on the Your Pictures section and we would have a better idea.

How much exercise does she need?

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