Is Jack-Jack a white schnauzer?

by Patrice
(Trinidad, West Indies)

Our family had been wishing for a miniature schnauzer (preferably salt and pepper) for a long time. We live in the Caribbean where only a few people have, those who were willing to go through all the importation dramas. People don't breed them , most people don't even know about them. Over the last week, We researched bringing in one from the US or the UK, but every corner we turned there was a road block. We almost paid down on two different ones but the expensive rabies shots and quarantines stopped us. Soon after, we were driving by a pet store where we usually get our fish food, and we thought we could ask the owner if he had any tips on importing that would help us. When we mentioned the breed of dog we wanted, the owner casually remarked that he had one of those in the 'back'. I was dumbfounded. I didn't believe him, but he said he'd imported a white one, together with a bunch of other breeds and that it was here in the country, ready for sale. I didn't believe it till a little white mini came bounding towards us. It was a whirlwind of excitement as my husband and I, together with our 3 little boys organized to bring this little man home. His name is Jack-Jack. He is 5 months old. He is lovable, quiet, protective, playful, seems like he's quickly getting house broken and responds well to training. He's white or so it seems, I can see the original schnauzer cut under the overgrown fur/hair, but from the yucky wire cages in the pet store the ends of his fur have gone completely brown.
I don't know if he's a white schnauzer, a white and peach schnauzer? I don't know if to shave him completely and start over? Or if to give him a typical schnauzer trim and use other things to try to whiten his fur. Is there any way that you can tell if a dog is a particular breed? In other words, I think he looks like a schnauzer even though he's over grown but without papers etc, can I be mistaken? His temperament is winning, so I wouldn't care if he isn't but it would be nice to know.
Thanks, Patty

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Aug 20, 2013
He IS a white schnauzer!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your thoughts guys!

Aug 18, 2013
White schnauzer
by: Linda

Hi Patrice , I think he is a schnauzer as I have a five and a half months white pup called Charlie and he looks exactly like yours .
With regards to the brown on him you can buy shampoo for white dogs and this will bring his coat up again . I have yet to have Charlie trimmed but will soon but I think if Jack Jack is bathed and trimmed he will look like the mini schnauzer I think he is and I hope you are having the same amount of fun with him as we are having with ours - Linda

Aug 17, 2013
White Schnauzer
by: Phil Medway

From the photographs you have a white Schnauzer - congratulations.
We too have a white boy, a couple of things to note about them. They have a tendency to be a bit longer in the leg than the average miniature and are not quite as bulky in the body. You live in a very warm climate as we do in Singapore so you will find his coat tends to be soft and the typical wiry second coat of the salt and peppers will almost certainly not develop.
Regarding the brown on the coat, well they love to play and are difficult to keep clean especially around the mouth! Certainly you can have him clipped down and then give weekly showers as his coat grows back to a length where you can cut it into a Schnauzer cut - we use conditioner on Max.
We also have a black girl called Millie as I write they are running around the garden playing "bitey" face and having a great time. Good luck and many happy years with your new addition to the family.

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