I'm an unexpected owner - please help

Three days ago I "inherited" a 13year-old miniature schnauzer. His owner was a 95-year-old woman who could no longer care for him, and he spent two months in a kennel before I could get him from 1,800 miles away. I know the previous owner frequently fed him from her plate (he begs) and he did not get much exercise as she could not. Therefore I have been unable to get him to eat anything although he drinks an awful lot of water. He was groomed and had vet trips before I picked him up. He is very scared.

I am at a loss as I have never owned a schnauzer. Does this breed need sweaters outside? Are they not lap dogs? Can you teach an old dog new tricks (training)? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Nov 02, 2010
advice from OKLAHOMA

As an avid lover and owner of mini schnauzers, I can tell you that they are a very unique breed. They are very loyal to their mommy and daddy (i.e. owners, people). As for the eating... schnauzers are prone to getting pancreatitis if they eat human food a lot, which will turn into diabetes requiring you to give the dog insulin shots daily and monitor his blood sugar levels. My past schnauzer who passed on in January 2010 was 12 years old and she got pancreatitis when she was 3. She had attacks all thru her life. When she was 10 she became diabetic, then she went blind, then got glaucoma in both her eyes and they got so swollen and bled and she had to have both her eyes removed. She lived a year without having her little eyes and it was heart breaking.. She was my angel girl. I now have 2 more schnauzies. But you really have to be careful with their diet or you will end up with not only a very overweight dog but one with diabetes and pancreatitis issues. If he is drinking an uncommonly amount of water that is the first sign of diabetes. I would recommend taking him to the vet and asking to have his blood sugar tested and ask the vet if he needs to be put on a special diet of perhaps hills prescription diet w/d. As for behavior... schnauzies love to bark at everything. very vocal . But if they have been raised around people they will like everyone they meet. They have their own little special "talk" that you will learn if you own one long enough. They think they can really talk to you. And it is just adorable. Best of luck with your schnauzer. And take care of him in his golden years... sounds like he needs some TLC.

Oct 18, 2010
It takes time
by: Cindi

Schnauzers are very human like. It will take some time for him to become adjusted to his new home. Be patient and show lots of love. You will bond through your exercise, walks, etc. The appetite will pick up as well.

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