Hubble and the frog

by Helen
(Lincoln UK)

Our miniature Schnauzer, Hubble, encountered a Frog when out for a walk and was fascinated by it. He sniffed and sniffed, getting closer and closer until his nose touched the Frog, at which point the Frog leapt into the air. Startled, Hubble leapt even further into the air, in the opposite direction.

Upon returning home Hubble immediately went to the basket containing his soft toys and rummaged around until he found his Frog. He placed it, right way up, on the floor and slowly approached it from behind, gently pushing it with his nose, obviously expecting it to jump!
When it did not it was unceremoniously picked up and thrown across the room! He obviously figured his frog was broken!

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Feb 16, 2015
by: Linda and Max

Brilliant story!
We always knew that Schnauzers are the most intelligent of dogs.
One of the commands which Max knows is: "Fetch Your Elephant!"
Sadly his elephant toy has bitten the dust, so he fetches his reindeer.

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