How do I get my Schnauzer out of my room at night?

by Tara
(Hampshire, UK)

Crash is nearly 12 months old and although she is crated at night, she sleeps better in our room🙄. This needs to end. When we got her at 8 weeks she was crated and slept downstairs with no problem, but as she has got older issues have cropped up. How do I get her back downstairs and sleeping through the night without yapping and keeping us all up? Appreciate all your advice.

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May 04, 2017
How do I get my schnauzer out of my room at night
by: Tara

Thank you Linda & Max

Apr 29, 2017
sleeping arrangements
by: Linda and Max

It's hard. Unfortunately you, like us, cracked in the beginning and let your Schnauzer sleep in the same room as you. We have resigned ourselves to Max staying in the bedroom, as he's 12 now.
Unfortunately, if you do move her back downstairs in her crate, she will bark or howl for the first few nights.
Make hr as comfortable as possible and get some earplugs for a few nights is our suggestion.
You could try leaving her in her crate with a Kong stuffed with treats or peanut butter to distract her for a while -or make sure she is exercised and tired for the first few nights when she goes to bed.
Eventually she will get used to being on her own again. Sorry, there is no easy way of separating her from you once she has become used to it.

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