How Can We Trace Our Lovely Puppy?

by Mike
(Preston, England, UK)

Hi there, About a year ago we sold one of our puppies to a lady called Mrs M (full name removed by Max for legal reasons).
Recently we went to check up that everything was okay and we discovered that she had sent him to a schnauzer rescue. We are a family who occasionally breed our two pet dogs and we care for our puppies very well and like to know how they are and that they are safe and well.
We are very upset that one has disappeared and Mrs M won't let us (the breeders) know where the dog is. All we want is to know that he is in a happy home and that he is safe.
My question is, did he come through you or if he didn't do you have any idea what I can do to find him? Her daughter was called Mrs Y.... she may have been involved but the dog was registered with the Kennel Club in Mrs M's name.
We have been in contact with the KC but they say that the dog is still registered to Mrs M so they can't let us know where he is either.

Our dog's name is Pepper, Kennel Club name is It Began With Bonzo.
Thank you so much for your time.

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Jun 08, 2012
Any luck?
by: Jenny

Hi there,
I was so sad to read your story. Honestly, you just can't trust some people. Why didn't she get back in touch with you to see if you would take your lovely Schnauzer pup back?
I was wondering if you had any luck in tracing the puppy?
If not, the Schnauzer rescue organizations are very good at finding new homes and you can rest assured that she is probably living a happy life with a new family who love her.

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