Holy Puppyhood.... Guss the rebel pup

by Caryl

Ok, Now I did research, I wanted a smart dog and we are experienced dog people. What I did not consider quite long enough was the fact that I am 25 years older!
Our little guy is 8 weeks old and we have had him 3 days and he is hell on wheels. Bites me everywhere...eats the floor.... Holy hanna. He wants to be with me every minute and he looks me and my husband right in the eye.
He is no doubt going to be eager to please and loyal. Now it is my job to re-energize and get on board with the appropriate training. So here goes.
Wish me luck:)

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Jul 01, 2012
Not a rebel puppy.. just normal !!
by: Michele

I have a puppy of now just 11 weeks on Wednesday.. he was 8 weeks when I got him.. and as I have another mini-schnauzer .. Rebel who is 4 years old , and an Australian Silky.. Rambo who is 9.. luckily Benji takes his liveliness out on them, when he has finished chewing and biting my fingers and feet.. He is teething and so is your puppy.. plenty of puppy chew toys and when he has a go at you swap your fingers for his teething puppy toys.. he will learn.. another suggestion is when he does have a go at you .. just shout OUCH and it'll be surprising how he will learn and back off.. Have fun and enjoy him ... they aren't puppies for long.. How about posting a photo of Guss..

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