Hi it's Charlie Farley again !

by Linda
(Lincoln. Uk)

Hi again from Charlie Farley , mummy loves looking at all the photos on here so she thought she would send you some more of me , check out the one of me with my girlfriend Izzy , she belongs to my human Nanny and Grandad . Nanny and grandad sadly lost a schnauzer in 2012 so my mum went all out to find them another one and didn't give up till she did and so Izzy aged two and a half arrived into their lives and now they are so happy again and so am I as it was love at first sight even though she's a little older , but I don't mind being her toy boy !!!!

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Hi Charlie, your Mum forgot to attach the photo of you and your girlfriend Izzy, we'd love to see the pair of you!

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