Her back is CRAZY sensitive and she won't stop scratching - HELP!

by Angela E
(Nashville, TN)

My Macy is 4 yr old. She has gradually over the past 8 months gotten very sensitive on her back. She reacts like she's ticklish anywhere you touch her on her back. PLUS she is constantly scratching her side ... to the point it's balding.
The skin then gets raised bumps everywhere and the skin begin getting flakey. The vet gave me the run around. You're bathing her too much and she's allergic. They want me to give her allergy pills but I feel something else is going on.
We bath her twice a week plus the skin in her ears looks speckled black ... NOT ear mites though. SO, I have changed her diet. Removed all carbs and corn.
I am making home-made food from recipes I have found online.
We saw improvement after the first week but now it's starting all over again. UGH!! I don't know what to do. HELP.

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Jan 17, 2012
Hi there!
by: Ashley

We just adopted a MS named Toto a few months ago. We noticed the scratching almost immediately. Ive noticed that right after getting back from the groomers after only a couple of days the dry dandruff is sporadically over his black coat. He was going to the groomers once a week. So just recently we switched to giving him a bath at home with a wonderful people shampoo called Wen. Look it up its awesome for our own hair, very moisturizing. The man who came up with Wen uses the shampoo once or twice a week on his two huge labs. Its all online. You said that Macy goes to the groomers twice a week, maybe the shampoo they use is irritating his poor little coat. I thought about bringing our shampoo to the groomers, asking them to use this on Toto because hes going to have to go to the groomers eventually to keep his coat a mustashe all trimmed up. Keep us up to date on little Macy!

Jan 17, 2012
comedone syndrome
by: Betsy, alpharetta, ga

Did your vet mention comedone syndrome, commonly called schnauzer bumps? It would be my guess that this is what is causing the bumps. Google it and you will find much helpful info.

The scratching might not be related to the bumps.

Our MS began to scratch often and I did what you did, and began experimenting with a new diet.
I discovered she was allergic to corn and switched to a grain free diet. The itching lessened,but esperimenting further, I found eliminating chicken did the trick. Now, she is on a fish based diet.
I also added fish oil to her food. (If you try this, use a white fish oil, not a salmon as it is too high in fat)

I'd be interested to know what homecooked diet you are feeding and your sources of info. I am currently thinking of feeding homecooked.
If you have a chance, would you send me an email?

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