Help with feeding my mini schnauzer Millie

by Julie
(Wales, UK)

I have a mini schnauzer who is quite a fussy eater. She is only a few months old so I want to get into good habits so she will eat well for the rest of her life.
I've been feeding her a dried dog food - a high quality one - with a bit of gravy mixed in so it is not so hard for her to chew.
Sometimes she leaves it, can anybody suffest any good quality dried foods I could try?
Also, I feed Millie twice a day . If she does not eat the food after about 20 minutes, I take it up and throw it away.
I have beena dvised that this is the right thing to do, as if you leave food down all day, dogs might not be as hungry at mealtimes and can get really fussy.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you and I love your website,


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Oct 07, 2012
Millie and feeding her
by: Michele

You can buy this Royal Canin mini- junior for puppies up to 10 months at Pets at Home as it is cheaper that the vets price but not all vet practices sell Royal Canin.
I am posting more photos of BENJI with his Rosettes he has won..
Only two so far but not 1st !! Good luck with Millie. Feeding instructions are on the packet.

Oct 07, 2012
Thanks for your help
by: Anonymous

Hi Benji and Michele, thanks for your advice, I will try this with Millie.
Best wishes, Julie

Oct 06, 2012
Feeding Millie
by: Michele

Hi .. I'm BENJI a 5 month mini and my Mummy, my owner
feeds me twice a day 7.30 am and 4.0. pm
I have had Royal Canin. Dry. the Mini junior
but no gravy as it's specially for puppies up to
10 months. I love this food and it is The Best.
Not cheap but worth it . Hope this helps
I never waste it and I eat it all in less than 10

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