Hello To My Cyber Friends...

by Elizabeth
(Jacksonville, Tx.)

This is Elizabeth. I am doing as well as to be expected. This past Summer left myself and my family with so much uncertainty. In early June, my husband had finished mowing (riding mower) and came inside to cool and rest. Within minutes, our shop (where all of our equipment, mowers, tractor, son's go-cart, tools, EVERYTHING) was kept, had just blown up, not caught fire, exploded. Just like that. Determined that a wire on the mower had fell over onto the mower's battery and hence, gas tank area. Then, early July, our son broke his foot. In August, I needed a wisdom tooth extracted and ended up with a serious bone infection to boot. I also ended up with Shingles twice this past Summer. Amazing. However, myself, my family and our home are still here and we are fine and that is what really mattered at the end of the day. We are blessed in every way. On to some brighter news. I have not gave up on hope of a companion, things in life simply have had a matter of importance as of late. After loosing my theraputic companion "Skippy", I honestly believed through trial and error (many times) that perhaps I nor my family were truly supposed to have another Schnauzer in our lives. I suppose that after awhile, you realize that unless you do have A LOT of money to spend on one (which in no way determines the quality of your dog) or if you can not simply find any honest people who are only considering what is best for THEIR beloved dog (to find the right home for) than the battle should be gave up. I was there, believe me. When you are seriously ill and money is not by any means something that you have to simply spend as you wish, it is difficult. I paid nothing for my "Skippy" and he had no registration papers. I would have took no amount of money in the world for him. That's another story. Funny thing is, I suppose as humans we still have that trusting instinct. I've found me a little Mini Schnauzer who is black with registration papers. I spoke (and have spoke more) with this very nice woman about the dog and she checks out. I called her Vet, I've done my "research" as I just did not want the pain and lies again. The dog has been with the family since she was 8 wks. old and is now 3 yrs. old, good health, spayed and has even had obidience training as a pup. The family checks out and the little Schnauzer checks out. Of cource I am scared. I won't lie. I believe now it is more of a fear of having a beloved pet in my life again and going through the motions that happens to every animal (and us) in God's time. I took loosing my "Skippy" quite hard but through God I have now come to a place where I have accepted things and am finally at peace. Trust me, it did not happen overnight and I still think of him. I am a fighter however and I still believe that half of the battle is won if you never give up. I have to trust my instincts, let go, and let God. It's been hard to believe that not everyone is simply money-hungry or unconcerned about their dog. I did put a very large wall around me and I had to be convinced that it was ok. Now, I'm not finding any reasons here to think that the little dog or the family is not what I've been told because an outsider has gave me the proof (being their Vet). To anyone who reads this, simply hold me in your thoughts. It would be nice to hear the pitter-patter of little feet behind me yet again or of looking into the trusting eyes of my companion and knowing, without a doubt, that this little dog would give their life for me and my family. Thank you and best to all.

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Dec 15, 2011
Any Luck ?
by: Anonymous

Hi Elizabeth, did you finally get a new companion?

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