Harley the Rescue Schnauzer is the Best!

by Connie
(Friendsville, USA)

Hi, Just wanted to tell you about the mini schnauzer I adopted. His name is Harley & actually he picked me out. The rescue group had about 6 minis that needed homes, of all different ages & colors. I sort of wanted a black & silver, but really would have taken any color, I went in with an open mind. However, Harley ran right up, & kissed me! It was like he had known me forever... I played with the other dogs to try to make it a fair decision, but none of them made up with me like Harley!
So Harley came home with my husband & myself, & has fit right in. It took a little time & training to be sure, but that little dog took to me immediately & has been my little buddy every since! I couldn't ask for a nicer dog, although I was leery of getting a rescue, cause I thought they may be difficult to train, have bad habits, etc. But Harley has changed my mind about that!
We recently decided to get a cat again after a few years without one, so we went to the shelter & found the
nicest cat! Smoky is 4 yrs old & just a big baby. Harley loves him too! Those two have definitely changed my mind about adoption! Love my mini schnauzer!

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