hairloss in miniature schnauzer

by david spears

my little miniature schnauzer is losing his hair in places all over his body. He is 16 weeks old and doesn't show any signs of being ill. Please help as i cant understand why this is happening.
David, UK

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Jun 20, 2012
many reasons
by: Anonymous

There are many reasons for hair loss in dogs. Schnauzers do not normally shed hair, they are non-shedding or hypoallergenic dogs.
It is a bit worrying that your puppy is shedding, especially at such a young age.
I would strongly recommend that you take him to your vet, as the other reader suggested, for a skin test - or a blood test.
It is not normal for a schnauzer to shed hair, so he needs checking out.
Some of the reasons for hai coming out can be Cushings Disease, alopecia, although your pup seems a bit young for this, ringworm, seborrhea, which is a bit like dandruff or mange.
most of these are treatable. Hopefully it is not too serious. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Jun 19, 2012
Hairloss in 16 week old puppy..
by: Michele

I do not know why your puppy is losing his hair.. my 9 week old pup, Benji is NOT in any way losing his.. I have to gently strip his puppy coat out as it is becoming quite thick ( I will post photos of him later ) maybe it's just his puppy hair that's his problem and he needs help.. Schnauzers have a Double Coat .. soft undercoat and a wire topcoat... If you are worried maybe you should have a word with your breeder..

Jun 19, 2012
Hair loss
by: Cindi Dejnozka

Sounds like mange or maybe a food allergy. Need to get a skin sample.

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