Hair thinning on mini schnauzer/scratching and nibbling of skin

I have a mini schnauzer and she is 6 yrs. old. I have had lots of skin problems with her. I have changed her food to Royal Canin which is apparently one of the best dog foods....
She is and has been losing her coat.....(thinning to the point where you can see her skin in parts) I have also noticed that her fur has changed color (face white instead of grey and white).
She scratches and nibbles up and down her legs and other parts of her body. I've taken her to the vet on numerous occasions and he gave her steriods. Todate, she is not on any prescriptions.

She is a very special little girl in my life and she looks at me with those big eyes and is asking for comfort....I hope you can help me.

Thank you, Sue

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Jan 19, 2013
Itching Schnauzer
by: Lee

Our mini schnauzer Margot, scratches and licks behinds her front legs and the inside of her thighs. We have tried elimination diet, homemade food, practically every high end food, hot spot sprays, special shampoos, new-vet supplements, fish oil, olive oil and prednisone.

Our vet has now prescribe Atopica. She received one 25 mg capsule for three weeks every day and then every other for the last 6 weeks. It cut her scratching by about 50%. Her coat grew back around her "armpits" and looked much better. Now she is scratching again with a fury and we back where we started! Has anyone experienced similar, incessant allergy driven discomfort in their Schnauzers?


Hi, read our section on Schnauzer skin: or look at the FAQs for suggestions.
Max was on Atopica and it worked well for a while, then he started itching again. Now, every spring he goes on to Piriton tablets.

Jul 22, 2012
schnauzer dry skin; scratching problem solved
by: amiga980

I have a schnauzer and two yorkies. My female yorkie has had the same skin/scratching/nibbling problem for years. One day recently I was in Petsmart and talking to the man who does the dog training classes. I know him and we were just yakking "dogs".
I had my female yorkie and mentioned her problem to him. His suggestion was a liquid product by Nutri-Vet called Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. I squirt it one time on her food one time daily. Her skin and coat has completely reversed itself to being healthy again in about 5-6 weeks. She hasn't been scratching; the skin is way less dry; the coat is shiny again and the natural oils are back.
What a blessing!

Mar 02, 2011
Skin problems
by: Anonymous

My dog has the same problem she is 6 yrs. old and I've been to the vet lots of time. Apparently, its allegies. (1) As a suggestion, use earthbath for shampooing, its totally natural pet shampoo and take that w. u when getting him/her groomed. (2) use Fish Oil in their meal. directions on back of bottle, and (3) I've changed the dog food to Nature's Recipe NO GRANE in diet. Also, one flea can be a great problem especially if they already have skin issues. Good Luck!

Feb 18, 2010
by: Elizabeth

After re-thinking this situation, I wanted to add that a friend of mine had a white schnauzer that had terrible allergies and had to take meds for it. She also lost hair and scratched. Maybe find out if it is something more specific (allergy) to get treatment. Just a thought.

Feb 18, 2010
Hair Thining...
by: Elizabeth

Just my own personal experience. "Skippy" did this, occasionally, but was'nt anything drastic. His thing was "hot spots" which he'd get in the warmer months, (there is an oil for this that you simply put on the spots). Schnauzers are prone to these spots our Vet said. The thining sounds like the food(?) I would at least check in w/t your Vet and maybe get the dog fully checked out. Maybe the dog simply is'nt getting the right (or enough) nutrients, as humans will do if they don't get the right amt. I wish you well.

Dec 07, 2009
Try all natural
by: K.S.

Have 2 schnauzers, one 12 yrs. old & one 2 yrs. Tried Royal Canin & it has corn, gluten & by-products, not to mention artificial preservatives. Try "Wellness" which has no corn, wheat, gluten, preservatives or additives. They even have allergy formulas. It's all natural and no by-products.

Sep 13, 2009
Schnauzer food
by: Kev P

We feed our 18 week mini with Burns (recommended by our breeder). Have a look at their website.
There are many, many positive reviews from pet owners whose pets have the same issues as yours and have recovered after using the Burns food.
Worth a try. Best of luck.

Sep 05, 2009
schnauzer allergies
by: Hollie K

I have 2 schnauzers and my oldest one is 4 and my youngest is 3. We fed them science diet for years and then switched over to royal canin schnauzer formula. Kensi my 4yr old developed the same problems- biting her feet, licking and scratching all over. Come to find out she was allergic to the royal canin food. Take your dog to the vet and get it allergy tested immediately. A common allergy is corn and that is in royal canin! Royal canin is a fine food but if your dog has allergies and you don't know it then it will continue to suffer if you keep feeding it that kind of food.

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