Gypsy - 10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof! (She thinks.....)

by Toni Chattin
(Waverly, New York)

Gypsy - 01/2013 - Sitting Pretty

Gypsy - 01/2013 - Sitting Pretty

I got Gypsy when she was 4 months old. She was the only dog out of the litter I could afford, as the breeder was willing to sell me this little "runt" for $400 less than his other "beauties". She was shy and clingy, but also stand-offish at times until she got to know us, and very quiet. She was a bit scrawny and mostly black, although the breeder said she was "salt and pepper" on her pedigree papers.

Unfortunately she broke her cruciate ligament trying to jump up on my bed at 5 months old. Having to wear a cast for a month, she slipped and slid on our slippery laminate floors and fell flat on her belly so many times and needed me to pick her up and set her upright. Since then she never has overcome "slippery" floors and I must keep scatter rugs for her to navigate in the house.

She tends to be a bit of a "scaredy-cat" if she is picked up, as I also fell on her while carrying her down snowy steps before she was 6 months old. Add to that, she was raised in the country and not very well socialized, so she is not fond of other animals or little children, and is quite yappy.

She is very "female" and will sleep where she darn well pleases, but if she likes a stranger, she will jump right up in his lap. Her favorite thing is riding in the car in her doggie seat, and at Lowes she rides in the basket and sucks up all the praise and admiration she can get.
She loves her daily walk, but lunges as if pulling Santa Claus' sled, instead of walking! This is something I can't seem to break her of, and I am still trying.

Gypsy loves to give kisses, sits, shakes and gives "high fives". I can't imagine life without her, as she is that 13 pounds of love that eagerly jumps up to see me when I come home after being away a few hours.

To my delight, Gypsy's black fur has turned to a beautiful silvery gray, and wavy as she has matured. She has incredibly long eyelashes that measure an inch long at the corners and the groomer playfully leaves them long (which makes her look like a Disney character!)

She will be 3 years old July 1st, and she is the most delightful dog!

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: She sounds like one heck of a character!

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Mar 07, 2013
by: joann

hello toni:
gypsy is a beautiful young lady and best of luck with her with all the mishaps you"ve had. best wishes and hugs to her and also to you. joann

Mar 06, 2013
Gypsy is a hoot
by: Celeste

Gypsy is my stepsister. Toni (my mother) is her owner/mommy.
I love playing "crazy lady" with her where she runs in figure eights around the house as fast as she can while I am calling out to her "crazy lady", "crazy lady". She loves kissing me and barks and yelps high pitches with delight when I come to see her. I love her as if she were my own. Right now I have two Siamese and Gypsy thinks cats are squirrels so she cannot be at my house much right now as my older Siamese is 17 years of age. Gypsy is still like a curious kid in so many ways, yet feminine like the ladies conversing as she sits with her head cocked to one side listening to us chat. She also watches television if left alone for long.

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