Good start to my day

by Phil Medway

Where did that cat go!

Where did that cat go!

I used to turn on my computer in the morning and read the news, all doom and gloom not a good way to start the day. Now instead I log on to your site in happy expectation.

Some of the stories are sad where owners have lost their beloved Schnauzers, others are heart warming where someone has rescued a Schanuzer, some are just joyful. One thing all the stories have in common is the love owners and their Schauzers have for each other.

So thank you for all the work you do to keep this site running and up to date, you start my day off on a positve footing and Max would like to woof a thank you as well.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Hi Phil, your email has warmed the cockles of our hearts!
Thank you from Linda and WOOF WOOF and a tail wag from Max (who is currently snoozing in his luxury bed after a 2-hour walk in the snow this morning.)

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Jan 28, 2013
phil medway
by: joann bogart

hi phil,
sorry to hear that you lost both of your adorable friends last year, like me. we only had zach a year and 1 month and my story is on facebook on my timelime.
i also have the story of my other friend there too, his name was baxter a keeshound that we had for 14 years. i have to go but do keep in touch, joann

Jan 27, 2013
Thank You Joann
by: Anonymous

The photograph is of Max and Meg who passed on in March and April last year after thirteen very happy years with us. Like you we still think of them daily even though we have a great white young Schnauzer now again called Max.

I read a lot of stories about friends and their dogs on Facebook, and find one simple fact people who keep and love dogs are invariably good people who we are happy to know.

Who knows maybe our beloved Schnauzers are playing together as they wait patiently for us.

Jan 26, 2013
by: joann

i love the picture of the little angels you have made me think of zach in fact the one looking through the bar looks just like him, when i saw that picture i was back in heaven again they both are beautiful. hugs and love to the both of them and have a great weekend all of you. joann

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