goes crazy when putting on leash

by al campbell
(Hopewell NJ)

My dog goes nuts, jumps up and down and screams like she got her foot caught in a bear trap when trying to leash up and go for a walk. Just putting on my shoes makes the screaming start. She then bites the leash and if your hand is in the way, that too. Its embarrassing, and Im worried a neighbor will call the police, as it sounds as fi I am beating her to death. I tried putting the leash away, trying again, no matter how many times she still goes nuts.

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Aug 08, 2017
Nuts on leash
by: Linda and Max

You don't say how old your dog is or if this has suddenly happened or if she had a bad experience. For whatever reason she has grown to hate the leash so will require patience and retraining to get to trust and like it again.
I would seek the help of a behaviourist, there are also some tips on www.3lostdogs.com for dogs that hate leashes. Good luck.

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