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Jan 24, 2012
Get you dog treated first, Then tackle the fleas
by: Betsy, alpharetta, ga

What flea prevention are you using? Although I prefer to use holistic methods for some things, in the case of fleas I too use Frontline and have never had a problem. Even before you get the flea problem in the home eliminated, I would immediately get my dog on Frontline or possible Confortis chewable.
I have heard some negative things regarding Advantage. (Both concerning the health of the dog and its effectivness.)

If the methods Michele has mentioned do not work I have heard of people getting an exterminator to
take care of an infestation in the home.

Jan 23, 2012
FLEAS.. Yuk !!
by: Michele

Why does your Schnauzer have fleas ? My boys have NEVER had them, as I treat them with " Frontline" Drops every 2 months, and never had a single sign of one.. Where did he pick them up ? you have to bath him in a Shampoo that is specially for getting rid of them and more than once.. it'll take ages as you have to also de-flea your beds and carpets.. in fact ANYWHERE that your dog has been, and of course his bed too, otherwise the fleas will Multiply.. you MUST wash everything..they breed very fast especially in a warm home...and you cannot see them, you probably will have got bitten by them, too.. your vet will advise you as to how to get rid of don't delay, for the dog's sake..

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