gets up 2-5 times a night

by Al

Hi my 14 year old mini schnauzer has been getting up 2-5 times a night very thirsty and drinking water. While this in and itself is not a major issue, the old guy can't jump off the bed anymore and wont go down stairs let alone figure out a way to open the back door to let himself out :). Seriously this activity requires myself or my wife to get up every night multiple times and carry him down for a drink and let him out. He doesn't do this during the day (at least not on weekends or days i work from home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Al - Long Island, NY

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Apr 09, 2017
get him checked out
by: Linda and Max

If an older Schnauzer gets thirsty a lot, he needs checking out the the vet, there are a number of issues which could be causing this - e.g. kidneys, diabetes. Either way, it is not normal, but most conditions are treatable.
We would definitely advise a trip to the vet's to have his levels checked, I think you will find there is something which needs attention.
Good luck to you and your old guy.

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