Full USA Schnauzer Rescue list & Amazon Schnauzer Handbook on their way!

by Linda and Max

Hi to all our loyal readers.
Just to let you know, Max and I have not been lazing around in our beds - despite the cold weather over here in England at the moment.
Max has been running round the village with his super Harrods Barbour coat with the gold lettering. He is the only dog in the village with a coat from Britain's most famous luxury store.
Although it is getting a little bit tatty round the edges. He has already had to have it let out once a few years ago, due to him getting a bit stockier as he became an adult dog. And there's a tear on the top from when he sneaked under a barbed wire fence which was a bit lower than he thought. (He looking for some cow dung to eat - Yuk!!)

We have two exciting developments:

Firstly, after a lot of research, we are going to add the most comprehensive list anywhere of USA Schnauzer Rescue organisations - state by state.
So, of you are looking to adopt a schnauzer, these would be your first port of call in the USA. If you have no luck there, you could try posting a request by following this link:
We'll send another post the day we launch the USA Schnauzer Rescue list, which should be in the next week.

The other big news is that we have been updating and adding to The Schnauzer Handbook, which is available as an ebook here on the website.
We have had great feedback on the Schnauzer Handbook, which was launched five months ago. Quite a few of you have said that you would prefer to read an actual book rather than an ebook on your computer, so we have listened to what you said and come up with the goods.
We are currently in the process of making The Schnauzer Handbook into a large A4 250-page book which will be available to buy online from Amazon. How exciting!

We'll keep you posted.

With very best schnauzerley wishes from Linda and Max

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Dec 03, 2012
Re: USA Schnauzer Rescue Link
by: Betsy, Alpharetta, GA

What a great idea.!!!

My husband and I learned of Schnauzer Rescue when we were looking for Spiffy 7 years ago. And, had been on a waiting list with the group that covers the state of Georgia.

Since then, I have met many wonderful people who are involved with their regional SR. And, a wonderful friend fosters for them. What makes SR so special is that each dog is evaluated VERY carefully so that their new home is a good fit for both dog and humans.

Dec 01, 2012
Linda & Max Schnauzer Book on Amazon
by: Michele

What great news.. I will definitely be buying that one from Amazon...
By the way , Linda and Max .. Have you received all the goodies I sent you.. hope Max has not opened his presents from my three boys.. If so, did you like the 2013 Benji Calendar I designed for you.. as I've not had an email from you to say it has arrived safely.. .
seems Max needs a new Barbour from Harrods... or similar..

Thank you for the gorgeous calendar with the fantastic Schnauzer pictures, Michele.
If you check your email, you will hopefully have received ours today.
And thank you so much for your kindness. Max has been sniffing his present all day, so I've had to hide it until Christmas Day!
PS He probably needs a new coat, but we will try and make this one last another year!
PPS You do not need to buy The Schnauzer Handbook from Amazon, Michele, it will be our pleasure to send you a complimentary copy when they are published.

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