Four month old Giant Schnauzer quirks

by Diane Longo
(Green Valley, AZ)

We purchased a 4 month old Giant puppy. We are the second owners in her short life. We have only had her for a month and she acts like she has separation anxiety. When I leave the house she whines and howls. When I return home she jumps on me repeatedly and usually has peed on the floor somewhere. I was putting her in a crate when we would go out but she pooped in it and made a mess so I stopped crating her. Second question. She is on the go all the time and drinks a lot of water. Is this normal? Another question. We have a 12 year old neutered male standard poodle who is very gentle. Puppy jumps up and grabs his ears and snaps at his face. He growls but ignores her. He never defends himself. She growls and torments him. Is this normal? Last question. At her young age she is already growling and barking if she sees someone walking past our house. She has been very friendly with visitors jumping all over them when they come into the house. So she likes strangers but barks if she sees them on the sidewalk. I have owned a lot of dogs in my life but never had a puppy like this.

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Jun 10, 2017
by: Linda and Max

Hi Diane,
So glad you are prepared to put in the time.
I would strongly recommend puppy classes or, if you can afford it, time with a canine behaviourist that uses positive techniques, check them out here:
Good luck!

Jun 07, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your advice. It is well taken.
We love this puppy and expect her to go through many phases in her young live before she settles down. I have always had Standard Poodles and I can see a big difference in comparing the two personalities. When I TRY to reprimand puppy for jumping on our older poodle she ignores me. I take her by the collar, make her sit, and tell her NO, but the minute I let go of her collar she is right back to tormenting the Standard Poodle. Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior would be appreciated. I don't like bully behavior.
Thank you
Diane and Devil Dog

Jun 04, 2017
Young Giant
by: Linda and Max

Your puppy is sadly already feeling insecure due to her change in circumstance. You need patience to deal with this. She is frightened of being left again and so exhibiting poor behaviour. You are going to have to out time and training into this dog, but will be rewarded when she is more secure and loving. Giants are very rewarding dogs, but they can also be yours.
Practice leaving her for short periods...5 minutes, 10 minutes and build it up. Get her used to a crate as a safe haven. There are lots of techniques and we can't reply fully here, but read about dealing with separation anxiety, and getting a dog used to a crate. It won't happen overnight.
Some Giants can be territorial, I definitely recommend puppy classes 100per cent.
The drinking could be over excitement or a health issue...keep an eye on that and for any other symptoms.
No it is definitely not acceptable for her to treat the poodle as she does. You need to teach her that this is unacceptable.
Good luck, please give her another chance.

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