Fixed male humps everything

by Stacie
(Pahrump, Nevada)

I have 2 minis, and when I take them to get groomed, my male comes back jumping any and everything, for like 2 days
But he is doing it more and more to my female and getting aggressive when I try to stop her or she nips at him.. Does anyone have any idea why he is like this... He is 2.

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Jan 14, 2017
Male behaviour
by: Linda and Max

When you say he is fixed, I presume you mean neutered?
I am no expert on this, but if he has been properly neutered then the behaviour may well be due to his age. He is not quite an adult and is obviously feeling very pleased with himself.
Odd that the grooming triggers it.
Sorry, don't really have any experience or advice, maybe somebody else can help?

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