Fear and anxiety

Our 6yr old mini schnauzer has become increasingly fearful and anxious over the last few weeks. She's always been terrified of loud noises but usually gets over it. Lately, every little noise (distant thunder or firecracker, back fire, distant gunfire from the shooting range) sends her hiding, shaking, panting with tail tucked. She won't go out at night to potty before bed. She is able to hold it but I know it's not good to go 12hrs without peeing. She has always been very sensitive. When my hisband looses his temper she gets all upset. Now she seems to stay on high alert for anything. She doesn't seem to want to play any more either.

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Jul 08, 2016
by: Linda and Max

Bless her, she looks lovely.
Fear and anxiety are not uncommon in minis and often get worse as the dog gets older.
It's the same with noise, what they used to tolerate suddenly becomes frightening.
I would suggest starting to give your dog a natural relaxant. Look at melatonin, it gets good reviews and is not expensive.Look on the Internet, there are many other options available.
You can also get a thunder jacket which relaxes a dog.
And tell your husband to be calmer!
Good luck, I know it is stressful for owner as well as the dog

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