Excessive Pooping

My 6 year old schnauzer has starting pooping a lot more than normal. I let her out before bed (around 11-11:30pm) and she usually poops then, and can usually make it all night, until I get up @ 6am, she goes out again and may or may not poop. She can usually hold it all day while I am at work, now she is having to go again in the middle of the night and again during the day. I haven't changed her dog food or treats. Any assistance?

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Mar 17, 2017
by: Linda and Max

If she has changed her normal habits then something is amiss. I would try changing her diet to a high quality food. You have to do this gradually over a week to 10 days or her stomach will be even more upset.
If that doesn't work, then a trip to the vet is in order.
Also, don't feed her unhealthy or fatty treats.
Good luck. Let's u know how you get on.

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