Elvis licks and itches around his butt

by Ann Claire
(Los Angeles, CA)

I get my 3 year old Mini Elvis grommed regularly and they express his anal sacs. But from time to time, maybe a few times a week, he will just go after his rectal area, licking and scratching like crazy.
I am wondering if he has some kind of allergy or what this could be due to. He is on flea meds and doesn't scratch anywhere else. He pants a lot while he is doing it. Seems like he is uncomfortable. Should I take him to the vet?
Is this a breed issue? I have had a lot of dogs but never one who freaks out licking and itching around his butt like this! Please help us!

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Jan 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would take him to the vet and have his anal glands checked. Our Schnauzer Sophie had anal glands that would fill up and need to be excreted internally by the vet. The groomers usually drain them externally, not draining the gland good enough. Good Luck!

Dec 30, 2011
Max did this
by: Linda

Max used to do this. He does have allergies and it turned out it was part of his allergies.
The vet gave us some spray - I think it was anticortisone and he is on Piriton tablets for allergies and this seems top have cleared it up.
He still scratches and bites a bit, but now it is manageable. Now it is his paws which he licks and nibbles rather than his butt!

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