Elle pooping in house - why?

by Griff

we love our 2-year-old mini female named Elle. She has us trained well. Loves to play fight and poop in the house. Then she goes straight to her kennel cause she knows she did wrong.
We take her out often. At our wits end

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Dec 06, 2012
Pooping inside..
by: Michele

Maybe you are feeding her too much.. or not taking her out to do her toilet at the right time.. usually I wait for one hour before letting my boys outside.. or they always ask by coming to me and looking at me, especially Benji, my 7 month puppy.. Rebel usually paws the door, Rambo whines.. but also Rambo gives a bark to tell me that Benji wants to go outside.. About an hour or half an hour after your girl has eaten I suggest you take her a walk, or let her out into your garden, yard, if you have one, and when, or if she does her toilet.... reward her and tell her how good she is..Never scold her as this will make her worse..

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